REAP Project 2018

During Easter 2018, the REAP Project will once again travel to Ibanda, Uganda for 10 days to take on our second mission trip. Our team are excited to be returning to Ryamugwizi Primary School, to continue to help the community grow and develop. This time 10 men will travel – 7 of the original group and 3 new faces.

Fundraising so far has amounted to £17,000. Adding this to our surplus money raised from REAP 2014, we now have a total of £30,000 to contribute towards REAP 2018. A massive thank you to all our family, friends and anyone else who has so far donated to our cause. This has allowed us to reach our initial target of £27,500 to add another water tank onto the school and finance the construction of a staff accommodation block to help teachers with long commutes stay at the school in order improve the standard of teaching at Ryamugwizi. Due to exceeding our initial target, we now have a revised target of £40,000 to carry out more plans to help the community in areas such as education, health promotion and small business projects.

Northern Ireland Author Tony Macaulay jumps on board!

We are very proud to announce that one of our new team members is none other than bestselling author, broadcaster and peacebuilder, Tony Macaulay. Tony has spent the past 30 years building peace and reconciliation at home and abroad, working with hundreds of youth and community groups to break down barriers of mistrust, hatred and division. He has applied his experience and learning into leadership development and management of change and transition in many voluntary, public and private sector organisations.

Tony will be blogging live from Uganda, detailing his and the team’s experiences during our trip. To read the live blog, when we are in Ryamugwizi during Easter 2018, please visit Tony’s website at We are very privileged to have Tony on-board with us and we are looking forward to his contribution towards REAP 2018.

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Team Members:
Stephen Blevins
Daniel Alexander
Harold Blevins
Stephen Crymble
Keith Douglas
Alan Freeburn
Trevor Kerr
Tony Macaulay
Alan Wright
James Wright